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Anglo-Polish Builders - Builder, Home Improvements based in Ashford, Surrey



Anglo Polish Builders is a specialist building construction company based delivering projects from concept to completion. We specialise in housing building construction, renovations and large-scale projects.


Devotion and care are essential to everything that we do, committing ourselves to client satisfaction. Similarly, communicating well with our customers always leads to greater trust, a stronger relationship, and an exceptional end product.


We pride ourselves on our reliability to the customer and quality of service.


Making the whole building work

We make buildings work – efficiently and effectively.  We make them comfortable, with the right levels of heat and ventilation, daylight and artificial lighting.  We make them economical to run, reducing energy and water use for a better environment.  We make them safe and secure, easy to maintain and compliant with the relevant legislation.


In every instance we think about the building as a whole, and how the services integrate with each other and with the rest of the building.


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